Symbol: Ag

Atomic number:47b
Atomic Mass: 107.9
Melting Point: 961.78c
Boiling Point: 2162c
Density: 10.5g/cm3
State: solid

Background, Uses, Origin

Silver is a transitional metal. It is mostly used for jewelry and in coin money. It can be found in mines, and rarely in rivers. Silver was one of the first five metals to be used by humans. The name silver was derived from the ancient German word "silabar." The latin word for silver is "argentum," where the symbol comes from. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Silver has 25 isotopes. It is stable in oxygen and water. Silver is considered non-toxic, but most of its salts are.

Silver is in the transitional metal catagory

Fun facts

  • can be found when refining copper

  • it is harder than gold

  • silver was one of the first metals to be found