Platinum (Pt)
Atomic Number: 78 Density: 21.46 g/cm Atomic Mass: 195.084

Melting Point: 2041.55K Boiling point: 4098K

Platinum is a solid metal, and is a Spanish word for silver. It is in period number 6 and in group number 10. Platinum is silver, gray, and shiny. It can be hammered into a sheet thinner than aluminum foil, and can be drawn into wires. Platinum is one of the thinnest metals, is pretty inactive.

Platinum is used for a lot of jewelry. Platinum holds up very well so i can be used for earings, bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewelry. Platinum does not corrode very easily so it is used for some pipes. It is also used for catalytic
converters. A catalytic converter is something in the exhaust system of a car. Some coins are even made of platinum. Coins made out of platinum are very valuable. Below is a picture of a platinum coin.


Platinum is mainly found in mines. It can also be found in nature or gold deposits. It was first found in the gold mines in Panama and Columbia. Gold and silver is found in nuggets or blocks, but platinum is found in a grayish powder. Platinum was first used in about 1784. Many people ignored platinum until 1784 when it was used for industrial uses. Platinum can be found in many places like the United Staes, Canada, Russia, or even Zimbabwe.

Fun Facts
Platinum is more valuable than gold and silver.
A lot of platinum is found on the moon.
In a platinum record there is actually no platinum in it.
Queen Elizabeths crown was backed in platinum.