~ Symbol- Kr

~ Group -18

~ Period - 2

~ Atomic Number- 36

~ Boiling Point -153.415 oC

~ Melting Point -157.36 oC

~ Density -3.74 g/cm3

~ Atomic Mass- 83.798

~ Isotopes-69Kr- 100Kr

Krypton is present in meteorites and mineral in trace quantities.


Krypton was discovered by William Ramsay, and Morris Travers. They discovered it in 1898. They were not planning to find Krypton but, they found it. Krypton comes from the Greek word "hidden" because of the way it was found.


Krypton can be used in signs, photography, and fluorescent lighting. Krypton is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, and harmless. Krypton is harmless to all living thing and people. Krypton has no common compound. Krypton can glow under pressure. It will glow a white, and a light light blue. Krypton is part of the Noble Gases group