Just the basics:

Element name: Argon

Atomic number: 18

Atomic weight: 39.948

Melting point: -189.35 C

Boiling point: -185.85 C

Group name: Noble Gas

Group number: 18

Period: 3

State at room temperature: Gas

Category: Non-Metal


36 Ar

38 Ar

40 Ar

Descriptions: Argon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas

Compounds: None

Argon Laser

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Fun Facts:

  • Costs 50 cents per 100 gram

  • When electrically lighted it turns a pale blue-violet color

  • Argon is heavier than air

  • Used as an inert gas shield for welding and cutting

  • Makes a protective atmosphere for growing silicon

  • 750 tons of argon produced each year

History of Argon:

  • Argon was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Lord Rayleigh in 1894.

  • Makes up 0.93% of the Earths atmosphere

  • Byproduct of oxygen and nitrogen

  • Comes from the Greek word Argos, which means inactive

  • 3rd most abundant gas

    Argon Ice

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Uses of Argon:

  • Argon makes up a laser called the "Blue Argon Laser"

  • These lasers are used in eye correction surgery.

  • Argon is used to kill pigs in a "kinder" way, when a pig has a disease

  • Liquified Argon can be used to kill cancer cells

  • Science use liquid Argon to look for dark matter

  • Argon can be used to preserve paint

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Argon Laser

Argon Laser