BasicsSymbol: Am
Atomic Number: 95
Atomic Mass: 243
Density: 13.69 gpcm2
Boiling Point: 2011oC
Melting Point: 1176oC
Room Temperature: Solid
RTP: 243.061
Group: Actinide
From: isolation, synthetic
Isotopes: 18, created by adding highly charged neutrons to Plutonium and allowed beta decay
Reactive: radioactive

Fun Facts
  1. Americium is technically the only man mad element available in grocery stores due to it being in smoke detectors.
  2. Americium is found in smoke detectors. Due to the fact it exerts gamma rays, it can filter the smoke particles out and allow the detector to go off.
  3. Americium is created when nuclear weapons are detonated.
  4. Americium can be found in many medical diagnoses devices. Its gamma rays are used to measure density and thickness. If inhaled or ingested, Americium powder can cause cancer and harm your bones, liver, and muscles.